Case Studies

This woman-owned beauty brand doubled sales in two weeks with video

The team at Angela Caglia Skincare needed a better way to make videos that delivered real business impact. Enter Vimeo Create.

Case Studies

How one Zendesk team is reaching 170K+ global customers from their living rooms

Launching a bi-weekly live show in a matter of weeks, during a pandemic? Here's how Zendesk and Vimeo made it happen.

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Staff Pick Premiere: "Maneuvers" by Sämi Ortlieb

Stop-motion animation and skiing collide in this week's Staff Pick Premiere, a playful ode to the do-it-yourself origins of skiing and its close relationship to nature.


Staff Pick Award at BlackStar Film Festival: "Dear Philadelphia" by Renee Osubu

Filmmaker Renee Osubu weaves a powerful narrative of three fathers' mission to better their communities in "Dear Philadelphia."


Staff Pick Premiere: "HEADS TOGETHER" by Job, Joris & Marieke

Brace yourself for 20 minutes of headless humor from Oscar-nominated trio Job, Joris & Marieke.


New to Final Cut Pro? Here’s how to become a (Final Cut) pro

Dive into these helpful resources on how to use Final Cut Pro X. Video tutorials and how-tos will take you from novice to expert in no time.


Unsure how to use Adobe After Effects? Start here

This guide is chock full of tutorials and helpful how-tos to make you a pro in no time.


Here's exactly how to license music for marketing videos, plus helpful music resources 🎶

Finding music you can use legally in your video can seem like a daunting task. We’re highlighting music resources that make the process easier. 

Live Streaming

The ultimate guide to promoting and marketing a webinar

Discover everything you need to know about marketing a webinar to generate leads and connect with your customers.

Live Streaming

The best hybrid event examples of 2021

Curious how to launch your organization’s first hybrid event experience? Get inspired with the best hybrid events from 2021.

Live Streaming

11 webinar invitation examples to drive registrations

Struggling to write a webinar invitation? Learn tricks of the trade and check out the best invite examples to help you reach your registration goal.

Product News

Video accessibility at Vimeo: what you need to know

We're rolling out accessibility updates to the Vimeo player. Read on to learn what's new.

Product News

How to automatically upload Zoom recordings to your Vimeo account

No more manual downloading and uploading. Simply link your Zooms to your Vimeo account and take back your workday.