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Become a virtual event pro with Vimeo Events

You deserve a virtual event experience that gives you control and confidence when going live. Meet Vimeo Events.

Live Streaming

3 (research-backed) tips to produce a webinar people will actually watch

Your mission? Put on an engaging, watchable webinar. This invaluable guidance from real event attendees will set you up for success.

Case Studies

Meet the futuristic motorcycle brand blazing new trails with video

“If our video evokes an emotion, people will remember the brand, and want to be part of it," says Tarform founder Taras Kravtchouk.

Share your videos with the world.*

*Or just your team

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Staff Pick Premiere: “Ghost Dogs” by Joe Cappa

Joe Cappa's "Ghost dogs" is a Staff Pick Premiere! These ghosts are part dog, part human, but fully dead. You've never seen anything like this.


Staff Pick Premiere: "Charlotte" by Zach Dorn

In this week’s Staff Pick Premiere, forgotten folk singer Lena Black discovers her fifty-year-old song “Charlotte” has been remade into a hit pop song.


Staff Pick Premiere: "The Kites" by Seyed Payam Hosseini

"The Kites" is a poignant story from the POV of a kid, situated on the war-torn border between Iran and Iraq.

Vimeo Video School

How to become a video producer in 2022

What does a video producer do? Learn how to become a video producer, plus helpful tips to build your production business.

Video Creation

Become an overlay all-star: how to master video overlays for your edits

Video overlay effects give your video that wow factor. Here's how.

Video Creation

Why video resumes are the future of recruiting talent

Here's how to polish up your (video) resume.

Live Streaming

The best hybrid event examples of 2022

Curious how to launch your organization’s first hybrid event experience? Get inspired with the best hybrid events from 2021 and 2022.


A beginner’s guide to sustainable marketing

Learn how to share your brand's commitment to sustainable practices that positively impact the environment with sustainable marketing.

Live Streaming

Facebook Live vs. YouTube Live: Which one is better?

Looking to live stream on Facebook or YouTube? We've listed the pros and cons for each platform so you can make the right decision.

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Collaboration, made human: connect and create virtually with Figma and Vimeo

Your go-to design tool and the leader in all things video are teaming up for a partnership made in collaboration heaven.

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Team management, explained

Wanna manage your team on Vimeo? Here's everything you need to know.