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There's no “I” in VMEO.

Vimeo is officially a public company. CEO Anjali Sud shares a message.

Product News

Just your speed: Adjust video playback with a click

Good news! You've got the power to enable and adjust speed controls for all of your Vimeo embeds. Here's how to do it.

Product News

Level up your live streams with automated captions and more

Vimeo is committed to giving you the best tools to build even better live streams. Our latest optimizations, including automated closed captioning, are here to make that possible.

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Staff Pick Premiere: "Pile" by Toberg

“Pile” by Toberg is a digitally animated film employing an infinite upward scroll technique to reveal a sitemap of the human condition.


Staff Pick Premiere: "Fire Season" by Quinn Else

"What I saw in real life was more horrifying than my horror movie idea," says filmmaker Quinn Else.

Creator Stories

Inside the powerful production for Wyclef Jean and MC Jin's 'Stop The Hatred' video

"I was thinking that our community and the movement right now needs an anthem, and this was the anthem that I wanted," says Bao Nguyen.

Video Creation

How to make an IGTV video

Ready to start making IGTVs for your brand? Unsure how to create an IGTV channel? Here’s all the info you need to get started.

Video Creation

How to film an interview like the pros, plus examples we love

Video creation — especially when it comes to filming an interview — can be intimidating. Here’s how to film an interview like an expert.

Video Creation

Here’s how to make highly bingeable educational videos

The e-learning market is expected to double in the next four years and is already worth over $250 billion. It's great time for teachers to hone their craft online.

Live Streaming

The ultimate guide to promoting and marketing a webinar

Discover everything you need to know about marketing a webinar to generate leads and connect with your customers.

Video Collaboration

What is employee experience? 4 HR professionals sound off

Employee experience is an emerging field that focuses on the holistic employee journey at a given organization. Learn the ins and outs of EX.

Video for Business

Your guide to social media video lengths

From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, every social media platform has different optimal video lengths — so we made you a cheat sheet.

Product News

Video privacy, explained

Some videos are meant for the world, while others you just want to share with coworkers, clients, or friends. Here are Vimeo’s privacy options at your disposal.

Product News

Your video thumbnails just got better

We've got a new pair of tech-y upgrades designed to drive even more views to your gorgeously crafted videos.

Product News

Get all the power of Vimeo with our always improving mobile app

The Vimeo mobile app is an end-to-end tool that lets you record, adjust, tinker, trim, upload, host, and distribute your videos all from one place.