Staff Pick Award at Palm Springs ShortFest 2022: “Meantime” by Michael T Workman

A deeply personal exploration of memory, guilt, the toxicity of capitalism and the attempt to preserve the fleeting.


Staff Pick Premiere: "The Tunnel" by Arash Ashtiani

Three refugees run the race of their lives from Calais to Dover through the Euro Tunnel in Arash Ashtiani's "The Tunnel."

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Dolby Vision x Ghetto Film School's Finish the Script Challenge

Vimeo has partnered with Ghetto Film School and Dolby Vision to bring to life a new series of short films. Watch them here.


Staff Pick Premiere: "Genius Loci" by Adrien Merigeau

Adrien Merigeau's Oscar-nominated short "Genius Loci" takes viewers on a bonafide fever dream.


Staff Pick Premiere: “Ghost Dogs” by Joe Cappa

Joe Cappa's "Ghost dogs" is a Staff Pick Premiere! These ghosts are part dog, part human, but fully dead. You've never seen anything like this.


Staff Pick Premiere: "Charlotte" by Zach Dorn

In this week’s Staff Pick Premiere, forgotten folk singer Lena Black discovers her fifty-year-old song “Charlotte” has been remade into a hit pop song.


Staff Pick Premiere: "The Kites" by Seyed Payam Hosseini

"The Kites" is a poignant story from the POV of a kid, situated on the war-torn border between Iran and Iraq.


Staff Pick Premiere: "The Journey" by Ève Saint-Louis

A father and daughter travel along a chaotic path, where their inability to find each other will unveil a complicated relationship.


Staff Pick Premiere: "Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves" by Chintis Lundgren

Anthropomorphic wolf gigolos, BDSM, and sleazy films are on hilarious display in Chintis Lundgren's "Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves."


Staff Pick Premiere: "You've Never Been Completely Honest" by Joey Izzo

This hybrid-doc brings to life a never-before-heard interview recounting the harrowing torture and brainwashing at a secretive leadership seminar in 1970.


Voices that matter: Stories from Ukraine

With the help of Ukrainian filmmakers, we have assembled a collection of videos — real-life accounts — from those on the ground. 


Staff Pick Premiere: "O Black Hole!" by Renee Zhan

If you love something, resist eating it: “O Black Hole!” is an epically original lesson in accepting the ephemeral.


Staff Pick Premiere: "2002 (YEAR OF THE HORSE)" by Matias & Mathias

Even in the year of 2022, “2002” stands out as an instant Staff Pick comedy classic.

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This filmmaker is pairing epic adventure stories with effortless marketing tools

"We can certainly value high-end storytelling and Staff Picks, but from my experience, those product videos are just as important for our success," says Verb Cabin founder Mike Rogge.