Creator Stories

This filmmaker is pairing epic adventure stories with effortless marketing tools

"We can certainly value high-end storytelling and Staff Picks, but from my experience, those product videos are just as important for our success," says Verb Cabin founder Mike Rogge.

Creator Stories

How this small-but-mighty creative team helped supercharge a non-profit fundraiser

"Our metric for the video was how many people started crying, so we were counting sniffles," says filmmaker CJ Powell.

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Creator Stories

How this documentary helped raise $170K for America's first Black-owned outdoor shop

At the height of the pandemic, a team of filmmakers set out to tell Slim Pickins Outfitters' story. The result is a powerful doc with real-world impact.

Creator Stories

Inside the powerful production for Wyclef Jean and MC Jin's 'Stop The Hatred' video

"I was thinking that our community and the movement right now needs an anthem, and this was the anthem that I wanted," says Bao Nguyen.

Creator Stories

How Meryam Joobeur went from Staff Pick alum to Oscar nominee

Meryam Joobeur is making some of the most powerful short films in the industry right now. We caught up with her to hear more about her filmmaking process.

Creator Stories

Armita Keyani is embracing filmmaking without fear

VFA-winning filmmaker Armita Keyani shares how she learned to banish creative fear, on and off set.

Creator Stories

How Julian Marshall captured a powerful protest on camera

One morning, Julian Marshall woke up and knew he had to do something. So he took to the streets. The result is "WE ARE GEORGE FLOYD.

Creator Stories

How Runyararo Mapfumo finds creativity in collaboration

From guerilla filmmaking to major brand collaborations, DessyMak productions founder Runyararo Mapfumo is blazing her own path.

Creator Stories

Filmmaker Morgan Cooper is telling stories about the modern Black experience

Three-time Staff Picked director Morgan Cooper has developed a reputation for deeply personal, powerful short films. He shares his advice for finding your filmmaking voice and crushing creative doubt.

Creator Stories

How Patagonia is cultivating a digital community of activists and environmentalists

Alex Lowther, Patagonia’s Creative Director, explained that Patagonia’s unique video strategy allows them to make films with no commercial intent. We sat down with Alex to better understand exactly what this means and how it supports their business goals.

Creator Stories

The online course getting kids excited about history outside of the classroom

With kids across the country home from school, the producers of Hamilton and the Gilder Lehrman Institute are finding new ways to get kids engaged with American history.

Creator Stories

Artsy is using video to tell artists’ stories in innovative ways

For the last few years, Artsy has been telling powerful stories about art and the artists behind the work. We sat down with Artsy's VP of Editorial, Brand, and Creative to learn more about their mission.

Creator Stories

How The North Face is pushing the boundaries of sport

In order to foster a sense of connection, The North Face turned to video. They built a roster of athletes, adventurers, and role models to tell visual stories about the brand in organic, inspiring ways. And guess what? It worked.

Case Studies

How Yeti Cycles makes stellar videos

Yeti Cycles knows that working with top-notch filmmakers results in stunning footage and that using Vimeo's suite of collaboration tools results in a seamless post-production process.