Looking for the best video editing software in 2022? We analyzed 7 options for you

Video editing software can be confusing and costly. Check out our pro/con list of all the major players.

Video Creation

The simplest guide (ever!) on how to add filters to your video

Here we go: the quick and dirty guide to adding filters to your next video.

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Video Creation

How to turn your videos into GIFs in Vimeo, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more

GIFs are an excellent way to convey information quickly without having to link or embed a full video. Learn how to make one!

Video Creation

Here’s the skinny on why and how to resize videos

Resizing your video isn't too technical, but it does require some video savvy. Here's how.

Video Creation

Starting a vlog in 2022? Here are 10 YouTube ideas for new vloggers

Starting a vlog? Here’s your how-to-vlog crash course.

Video Creation

How to make a live wallpaper 101: Trendy video lockscreen ideas for your phone

Imagine if your lock screen was cooler. Meet live wallpapers, yet another TikTok trend taking the world by storm. 

Video Creation

(Video) How to compress a video on iPhone, Android, Windows, and more

We're demystifying video compression so you can apply its magic to your videos.

Video Creation

Here’s how to crop a video (without even opening your laptop)

Can you crop a video on an iPhone? An Android? Of course. Here’s exactly how.

Video Creation

Your quick-and-dirty guide to 3-point lighting

Learn the perfect three point lighting setup, master the difference between key light vs fill light, and best practices for great lighting.

Video Creation

How to add masterful transitions to your videos (even if you’re a total beginner)

Adding transitions to video is both an art and a science, especially if you’re just starting out.

Video Creation

How to make a Vimeo Create video

Vimeo Create gives you all the tools to make a polished video in no time flat. Here's how.

Video Creation

How to add music to any video: A step-by-step guide

Adding music to your videos can instantly add appeal to your videos. Here's exactly how to add audio to video.

Video Creation

How to make an IGTV video

Ready to start making IGTVs for your brand? Unsure how to create an IGTV channel? Here’s all the info you need to get started.

Video Creation

How to film an interview like the pros, plus examples we love

Video creation — especially when it comes to filming an interview — can be intimidating. Here’s how to film an interview like an expert.