Interactive video is the new frontier of content creation. Whether you’re a brand looking to increase sales or an educator connecting people across the globe, there’s no better way to drive views, increase engagement, and boost user action than creating a video that puts the viewer in the driver’s seat.

In the past, making an interactive video was complicated, labor intensive, and often required outsourcing. But Vimeo is helping make interactive video creation simple and intuitive, for video makers of every level. And that’s a good thing: because interactive video has been shown to be 32% more memorable and 3x more engaging than traditional video.

Vimeo is home to millions of talented creators. We wanted to highlight how three leaders in their field are using interactive video to find new ways to connect with their audiences. Read on to hear their stories.

A recipe for creativity from Food52

Food52 began as a base for home cooks to share knowledge in 2009. It has since expanded to being a home cooking one-stop-shop: where culinary enthusiasts can browse articles, recipes, and a range of cooking products. 

Food52 partners with home and cooking brands to curate a complete home cooking experience. They’re using interactive video to add an exciting new dimension to their videos. From turning a cake-frosting demonstration into a branching storyline adventure to adding shoppable hotspots to a cheese-y spotlight, Food52 sprinkles in seamless product integration using Vimeo tools. 

Here’s why Food52 uses interactive video:

“Interactive video has helped us create engaging storytelling elements.

The ease of it was really, really appealing. It’s as simple as it could be to add those interactive features onto a video with Vimeo.”
Gabriella Mangino, Executive Producer, Food52

Interactive accessibility from Colada Creative

UK-based agency Colada Creative produces the highest quality video content to tell the stories of their clients. In order to create an immersive experience for would-be visitors of the Edinburgh Zoo, the Colada team has designed an interactive and experiential video tour of the facilities to help make nature education accessible for all.

Here’s why Colada Creative uses interactive video:

“Interactive is completely different to a normal video, which can be passive. Instead, somebody’s leaning forward and engaging with it. It’s just a different psychology to how people watch it.

The new Vimeo studio is a big leap forward. It’s super intuitive.”
Ian Dewhirst, Producer, Colada Creative

A powerful climate report from IFPRI 

The International Food Policy Research Institute is a global think tank focused on food policy and research. The team initially partnered with Vimeo for live streaming large-scale gatherings of policy makers over the pandemic, but they’re now turning to interactive video to enliven their latest climate report. 

Their latest Global Food Policy Report uses Vimeo to guide viewers with chapters and overlays. These simple tweaks helps make this vital information digestible for any potential viewer.

Here’s why IFPRI uses interactive video:

“The value of something like Vimeo is that you can do it all. You can have the sound bites, you can have the text, you can have the links for someone to learn more.

In a nutshell, it really resonates with our researchers – it doesn’t feel like it’s diminishing their work. There is that level of trust there that interactive helps bridge.”
Jamed Falik, Visual Design Team Lead, IFPRI

Vimeo’s interactive video platform is currently available as an add-on to Vimeo Enterprise users. Learn more via the link below.

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