At Vimeo, we want to make it easy for you to join forces with the people who make your work possible. We’re constantly improving our team management capabilities so you and your collaborators can make good projects even better. Wanna know how it all works? Let’s review.

Adding a team member on Vimeo

To add a member to your Team on Vimeo, select “Team management” from your user menu or account dropdown, then hit “Invite.” 

Vimeo Pro members can add up to three team members to their account, and Vimeo Premium members can add up to ten. (If you’re an Enterprise subscriber, the number of team members you can add is determined based on your contract; please contact your account manager if you have questions!) 

Add a new team member by entering their email address and selecting their role. You can change or revoke any team member’s permission settings by visiting the Team Management page

Vimeo Team Management permission types

Vimeo offers four different team management roles. Let’s review them and the permissions associated with each: 

Viewers: This permissions setting allows team members to access review pages, leave comments, and share videos. They can’t upload, edit, publish, or access other settings. 

Contributors: A step up from viewer, this setting allows a member to create, share, review, and upload content. Contributors can edit existing content, but they can’t change a folder title or delete a folder.

Admins: This permissions setting is just one rung below Account Owner, and allows a user to manage all videos, folders, and collections, as well as change settings and delete videos. They can also view, manage, add, and delete all individual team members. They’re only blocked from access account settings and payment info.

Owners: This is the highest level of access for a Vimeo account, and allows the Owner to do all of the above plus edit and organize the account’s profile page, delete live events, and more.

Admins and Owners can also grant Contributors viewer-only access to specific folders, straight from the folder. Handy! (While anyone can organize their videos into folders, the ability to add team members to specific folders is available to Vimeo Pro plans and above.)

And all of it happens from our newly redesigned team interface, making it easier than ever for you to view team members, manage roles, and control your brand settings — all from a single dashboard.

Manage your team

This post was originally published in 2018.