In an effort to increase the reach and visibility of rising filmmakers, Vimeo has teamed up with Ghetto Film School and Dolby Vision to bring to life a new series of short films. Part of the Finish the Script Challenge, four teams were given the task of using an opening scene from Oscar-nominated and 15-time Staff Picked filmmaker Carlos Lopez Estrada as a starting point for their own original films.

The teams shot their films with $25,000 grants, and completed production with access to color grading in Dolby Vision® and audio mixing in Dolby Atmos®. Dolby is planning a second edition of the Finish the Script challenge, so stay on the lookout for more information.

You can watch these short films in their full Dolby Vision glory right here on Vimeo.

“Take Care Zora”

“Take Care Zora” explores the hardships and joys of raising someone with Down syndrome while weaving in a caretaking sibling’s coming-of-age story.


“Hunted” is the story of two queer men of color who are catapulted into a nightmare universe. It mines the horror genre, tackling the difficult emotions of fear and envy.

“Shipped Out”

“Shipped Out” is an animated short that takes place in a dystopian future and touches on immigration, abuses of power, and the strength of family. 

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