In 2017, we brought HDR support to Vimeo, enabling our creative community to capture and share higher quality video than ever before. Today, we’re proud to be the first global all-in-one video platform to support Dolby Vision.

Dolby Vision enables creators to produce stunning high dynamic range (HDR) videos and to deliver them to their viewers with their original creative intent fully intact – which is why Dolby Vision is one of the leading HDR imaging technologies among the world’s top storytellers, studios, and content distributors. Now you can easily create, host, and share cinema-grade videos — with supported playback within the Apple device ecosystem. 

That’s huge news for dedicated creators and casual viewers alike. Your Dolby Vision videos hosted on Vimeo’s world-class player can now be experienced the way they’re meant to be seen, when viewed from compatible supported Apple devices.

What Dolby Vision means for you

Ultra-vivid and lifelike video quality

The same Dolby Vision technology that can deliver colors never-before-seen on a screen — plus highlights that are up to 40x brighter and blacks that are 10x darker — is now in the hands of Apple and Vimeo users everywhere. Whether it’s fleeting golden hour moments, low-light interiors, or sun-blazed daytime sequences, Dolby Vision allows you to capture and deliver your vision the way you want it to be seen, and immerse your viewers in every detail. 

Starting right away, all Vimeo users, regardless of tier, can start hosting and sharing their Dolby Vision content, with ultra-vivid picture, brighter highlights, darker shadows, and incredible color. You can check out the Dolby Vision difference below.

Host on a best-in-class player

Your favorite binge-worthy shows are already utilizing Dolby Vision to share high-quality imagery that keeps you coming back for more. Now, you can upload, host, and share your ultra-vivid videos to a player trusted by over 200 million users.

Hosting your Dolby Vision content on Vimeo also gives you access to up to 7TB of storage (that’s enough space for 600 feature films!), a hyper-customizable player, and a totally ad-free experience, every time.

Spectacular playback experience across Apple devices

Now that you can upload and host your Dolby Vision footage on Vimeo without any compromise on image quality, viewers watching on compatible Apple devices — including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV 4K — can experience your work at its most beautiful, and exactly as you intended. Think theater-level viewing, from home and on the go.

How it works

1. First, you’ll need to create your Dolby Vision video. Users with an iPhone 12 can record and edit Dolby Vision content using just the phone in their pocket — which means it’s never been easier to capture and share best-in-class video. You can also take your footage to your Mac to edit your HDR content and export a Dolby Vision video file ready for upload. 

(You can learn more about creating in Dolby Vision – including tutorials and FAQs – here.)

2. Once you’ve captured and edited your video, any Vimeo user can upload it directly to Vimeo from anywhere, through whatever workflow you prefer: from Final Cut Pro, or directly from your upload page.

3. Now that you’ve got your gorgeous video uploaded, you can view and share your video in all its Dolby Vision glory. Videos uploaded to Vimeo in Dolby Vision include a badge denoting the video quality on the video page and player, so your viewers will know your content is the highest possible video quality. 

A note about devices: in order for viewers to experience your videos in Dolby Vision quality, they must be watching on a compatible Apple device, including iPhone 8 and above, 2nd generation iPad Pro and above, Mac*, and Apple TV 4K (if connected to a Dolby Vision TV). 

Vimeo automatically detects and displays videos in Dolby Vision on all supported Apple devices. (But no worries if someone’s watching from an older model or non-Apple device — uploads are automatically converted to the best visual format available to any viewer’s device.) 

Dolby Vision visuals, revealed

Staff Picked director Aaron Lieber — known for his stunning surf cinematography — is a long-time Vimeo pro who’s now using Dolby Vision to make his already dynamic work even more immersive. “I’ve been a Vimeo user since 2013, and I got my first Staff Pick in 2015,” he says. To me, Vimeo really elevates what your film looks like.” 

Nearly a decade after uploading his first video to Vimeo, Aaron is able to show off his stunning, Dolby Vision visuals on the video platform that he calls home. “The fact that you can have Dolby Vision on your [iPhone], shoot and edit on your phone, and have it on Vimeo, almost all in one day is just incredible,” Aaron emphasizes.

Ready to see Dolby Vision in action? We’ve gathered some of our favorite Dolby Vision videos already uploaded to Vimeo. Feast your eyes via the link below — then upload your own masterpiece. 

Experience Dolby Vision on Vimeo

* Please review Apple’s help center for a full list of device compatibility.