When done right, evergreen content helps you build a resilient library of content to educate, engage, and convert your audience around the clock.

The best part? Creating such a customer-winning content engine is pretty simple.

It can be hard in our always-on, 24 hour news cycle reality to create content that stands the test of time. The question you should ask yourself is will this content offer value to our audience now and in the long haul?

Answering this will help you understand whether people will still be searching for the topic 6-12 months down the line. If so, your content will serve them right.

Now that you know how to come up with ideas for evergreen content, let’s walk you through video ideas to try. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is evergreen content?

Quick recap: evergreen content is content that’s useful to your audience not just in the moment but down the line, too. It stays fresh, relevant, and useful to your audience regardless of passing time.

This means the topic idea doesn’t address a seasonal topic such as ‘summer Olympics.’

Instead, evergreen content tackles topics that people are always searching for. For example, ‘how to get started with live streaming.’

In doing so, evergreen content is way more useful to your audience than trending topics as they can consume it at any time post-production.

Why evergreen video content can impact your business

Evergreen video has longer shelf-life. This, in turn, is beneficial not only for your business (and marketing efforts) but also for your target audience.

Say, someone watched your video on setting up a live stream or creating a webinar out of curiosity. The beauty of evergreen content is that they can come back to the same video later on – when they’re ready to set up their live stream.

In short, evergreen content:

  • Fuels your content efforts. Creating an evergreen video gallery can serve various people in different stages of their buyer’s journey.
  • Allows you to package the content into different formats. The versatility of evergreen content helps you maximize your most mileage from the content you create.
  • Works as a lead generation and customer experience improving magnet. The exact purpose each evergreen content piece serves depends on the topic itself, of course.

12 evergreen content ideas to maximize your video

Now for the juicy bit, evergreen content ideas using video that are worth exploring today:

1. Virtual events and webinars

Whether recorded or live, virtual events are an epic idea to reach your customers.

Take a page from Zendesk’s Zendesk Morning Show. Every Tuesday morning, the team goes live for 20 minutes to share customer experience insights with their audience.

The result? They reach and engage with 170,000+ global clients – all remotely.

2. On demand video content

Like virtual events, on demand video also helps with audience and community building.

By allowing your target audience to watch your videos at their leisure, you improve their content experience as well.

You can even base your business model around on demand video. For example, Clayshare teaches pottery classes using subscription video classes.

3. Product videos

The great thing about creating product videos is that they feature your product in action. The aim? To give viewers a taste of your product/service and entice them to try it.

An example is the Company, Miro, that uses video to walk through their product:

Wondering whether these efforts are worth the effort though? Here’s proof: 88% of folks say brand product videos have convinced them to buy a product/service.

And Tarform, an electric motorcycle startup, that creates virtual hybrid-videos to showcase the experience of riding on their cutting-edge bikes reports 70% of their site visitors click to consume the video content. I

“Video is one of the most impactful ways to share stories and spark conversations.” Taras Kravtchouk, Tarform Founder,

4. How-to videos

Have questions that on-the-fence or paying customers frequently ask? Answer them using a how to video.

What’s more, use this evergreen video idea to answer other questions that your target audience has related to your business as Hella Cocktail does.

Keep in mind these videos not only help with marketing but also prove a ton of help for customer-facing teams that can use them to answer questions customers typically have. No wonder Hella has increased their sales by 40% with these videos.

Lastly, you can use this evergreen video type to educate about your products.

These bite-sized product how-to video help with:

  • Marketing by showing how your product can solve problems your target audience is facing with your product.
  • Customer support by allowing the team to use video to answer questions on how to use X and Y features.
  • Creating a self-help video knowledge base so users can understand how to use your product on their own.

5. Educational or master class series

Again, this evergreen video idea comes with added benefit of community building.

When creating videos on educational topics (think: a content marketing boutique creating videos on topics like ‘what is content marketing’ and ‘content marketing examples’) be sure to plan content around related topics.

This helps you direct viewers from one video to another, keeping them engaged by giving them a comprehensive dive into the broad topic.

As for educational evergreen content examples to try yourself, you’ve the following options:

  • Interview experts to create a masterclass series on a topic your audience struggles with (example: at-home pet care tips from experts).
  • Record yourself educating on a topic. This could be on a whiteboard or by using a slide deck presentation on the topic.
  • Create actionable graphics. Then, put them together into an educational video (see below). You can quickly and easily create a library of these videos with Vimeo Create – even share them in relevant blog posts.

6. Testimonial and customer success stories

Customer success stories and testimonial videos offer social proof to viewers by telling them how others like them achieved results using your product/service.

Sure, you can use text-based testimonials. But testimonial videos make the content more interactive, therefore, more engaging.

Three ways to go about creating these videos:

  • Interview a customer in your studio to put together a polished success story.
  • Ask your customer to record a video sharing how they used your tool. Edit and publish at your end.
  • Use Vimeo Create to put together text-based graphics into a video that combines different testimonials or a particular customer’s words.

7. Employee spotlight videos

Video content that focuses on your company culture, employees, or values shifts the light from your product/service to your brand and the people working there.

So how do these help? In two ways:

  • Gain your audience’s trust by giving them an inside look at your employees
  • Attract new talent by showcasing your company culture

8. About Us videos

About Us videos offer a look into your business story.

If you’re a one-person or small business, you can also share your founder’s story – your struggles, aspirations, what led to your business, and your vision for it.

The idea is simple: show your business’s human side.

But for winning business stories, make sure you share your authentic self to give customers a reason to be excited about your work.

 9. Recorded live streams

Hosting live sessions allows you to not just engage your audience but also learn what questions they have.

Benefit Cosmetics, for instance, goes live weekly to talk about new products and other topics with their community in real-time. Often, they host a new live session based on the questions the audience had in a past session.

Naturally, this allows them to understand their customer better and answer whatever questions they have thoroughly. Want to start live streaming yourself? Here’s your guide to start live streaming on social media today – complete with info on which channel to go live on (hint: with simulcasting it doesn’t have to be one).

10. Thank you video

Create bite-sized thank you videos to surprise your buyers and leave a lasting impression on them.

Send the video out when they complete a purchase and add a discount to its end to get them to buy from you again. Similarly, SaaS businesses can give away an onboarding checklist with the video – the opportunities to win customers are numerous, really.

11. Employee training video

Employee training videos’ evergreen nature means you create them once and use them for as long as the content is relevant for remotely onboarding employees.

The best part? You can quickly put together employee training videos with Vimeo Record (all for free 🎉).

Simply share your screen and record your voice to walk the new member through their next steps, your work processes, and so on.

12. Social media video

You don’t need to create bite-sized videos for social from scratch. Instead, review raw footage after you create a webinar or on demand video and build cut downs that feature interesting bits to share on social.

With that, our list of ideas comes to an end. So who’s ready to create evergreen content? We’ve got the right tools for you – whether it’s for hosting a live virtual event or creating an on demand video channel.

Repurpose your next event into evergreen content