Let’s face it: like so many other things, Election Day may look a little different this year. Ahead of November 3rd, Vimeo is integrating with Rock the Vote’s online tools to make it super simple to register to vote and access important information about the 2020 election. Starting today, U.S. voters can find up-to-date details about their registration, polling sites, absentee ballots, and more — right from our platform. We’ve also created a voter visualization video because 1) We’re Vimeo, and we all deserve a good (and calming) video in 2020, and 2) Research shows visualizing a day-of voting plan is twice as effective in getting people to show up at the polls, versus simply asking them to vote.

Voter turnout hit a 20-year low in 2016 — with less than half of American millennials casting their ballot. It’s 2020. It’s our collective responsibility to vote for the change we want to see in the world. Frankly, if you can, you must. Vimeo is home to millions of resilient and innovative creators, business owners, marketers, professionals, and video enthusiasts. We want every single eligible voter — on our platform and beyond — to use the power of their ballot and have a frictionless voting experience this November. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Videos are the most impactful way to spread a message. 95% of people retain information when it’s conveyed via video, compared to 10% when the same information is conveyed via text! So to help our community leverage their individual platforms and encourage others to get to the polls, we’ve also developed a series of high-impact voting video templates. Create, customize, share, and spread the good word with video: every vote matters.

Still not sure where to start? Here’s what you can do right now:

  • Head to Vimeo’s voting page to make sure you’re registered to vote this year, request an absentee ballot, and locate key election info. It only takes a few minutes.
  • Visualize your voting plan. Will you head to the polls? Are you voting absentee? What do you need to do to prepare? See it, plan it, do it. Check out our dreamy visualization video for more voting inspiration.
  • Remind others to vote. Share our video, voting page, or blog post. Or make your own video with any of our Vimeo Create templates. However you do it, encourage your followers to make an impact with their ballot. Think of it as virtual canvassing.
We’ll see you on November 3!

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