Did you know that the creative power of Vimeo is also available in your pocket? If you’ve got a smartphone and a Vimeo account, you can access your favorite features via our iOS and Android apps – no desktop needed. 

Whether you’re a yoga instructor broadcasting to legions of fans (how much is a legion?), or a freelance editor wrangling feedback on a rough cut, the drastically improved Vimeo mobile app is a one-stop-mobile-shop for all your video needs.

Over the years, we’ve been steadily upgrading the app to include features that were previously only available on desktop. Here’s the latest on your mobile experience:

On both iOS and Android: 

  • Teams: Pro and above users can now add and manage team members and permissions; view, create, and manage team folders; and easily switch between teams.
  • Trimming: Before you upload, you can trim easily your video and exclude any bits you don’t want.
  • Folders: Access your available folders and organize your content.
  • Audio control: If your video is picking up too much background noise, you can now mute your video’s sound.
  • Publish to social : Publish your video to social channels with one click.
  • SSO support: Enterprise users can experience the same, slick log-in experience, now on the go.
  • Performance and stability improvements: Fewer errors and faster load times. You love to see it. 
  • Video capture: Record videos directly within the app — change filters, control lighting, zoom in and out. And when you’re done, upload directly from your phone.
  • Live: Live stream directly from the mobile app to the Vimeo player or your social platforms. 
  • Showcase: Create, customize, and share beautiful collections of videos while you’re on-the-go.
  • Management: Control everything from privacy to file sharing, directly from your device.

On iOS: 

  • Analytics: Check your dashboard to see your aggregated analytics, and even drill down to specific videos.
  • OS 14 Widgets: Get the freshest Staff Picks and keep a pulse on your video analytics right from your device screen.
  • Dark mode: (Because our eyes could use a break, especially this year.)
  • Video settings: Easily change or update your video thumbnail, straight from your phone. 

Don’t forget: if you already use Vimeo’s video workflow tools, you can seamlessly move between desktop and mobile. 

Download (Apple) | Download (Android)

Originally published November 15, 2019.