While maybe not as iconic as the elusive blue check mark on Twitter, you may have noticed that some of your favorite channels and content creators on YouTube have a similar grey check mark badge next to their account names.

But what is this grey check mark and what exactly does it mean? And, more importantly for anyone trying to get a badge of their own, how do you actually become YouTube verified?

Let’s take a look at YouTube’s verification process to see if and how you can apply and get your own accounts verified and check marked-up!

What is YouTube verification? 

Simply put, YouTube verification is just a check mark next to your YouTube channel’s name. 

It technically doesn’t grant you any superpowers or any extra features to speak of. Instead it’s really just reserved as a way to distinguish official YouTube channels from other channels with similar names on the app. (Which has been a problem with the app in the past.)

Once a channel is verified, it will stay as a YouTube verified channel until the channel name is changed. (So keep that in mind if you’re looking to re-brand or change names later as any name change will require that you reapply.)

It’s also important to note that YouTube verification does not mean that your account is still not subject to the same rules and community guidelines. YouTube can still revoke verification or terminate your channel for any violations to their ToS.

Why get YouTube verified in the first place? 

So, before you dive in too deep to research how and why you might want to get your YouTube channel verified in the first place, it’s important to remind you that YouTube reserves verification only for accounts with more than 100,000 subscribers.

If you fall below that threshold, there is no official means for you to apply for verification (even if you feel that your channel is close or deserves to regardless).

As mentioned above, the real reason most brands and channels want to get verified is simply to distinguish themselves from imposter accounts and channels. This has been an issue not only with YouTube, but with other social media platforms for years. The check mark is powerful (and at times the only) tool to combat these fake accounts.

Should you get the badge for your channel? 

For many content creators or brand managers, the YouTube verified badge or check mark might seem like the ultimate goal. 

However, unless your channel meets the criteria, verification might not even be an option. That being said, YouTube has worked over the years to help channels distinguish themselves from fakes and knock-offs, so the badge can be a helpful tool.

If your YouTube channel meets the requirements, then you should absolutely consider getting the badge. Not only will it help you keep scammers away, it will also reassure your audience that they are indeed following and watching content from the correct source.

What makes you eligible for verification? 

Along with the 100,000 subscribers threshold, there are a few other elements of eligibility to keep in mind. YouTube has its rules in place to help authenticate not just brands, but also public figures and artists.

To get to the 100,000 subscriber threshold and to appear as authentic as possible, it is helpful to keep a steady publication cadence. Uploading content, engaging with your audience and making use of all of YouTube’s settings, tools and features would be recommended to prove to YouTube that your account is real and eligible.

What’s the difference between a badge and regular account verification?

If you’ve just signed up for YouTube for the first time, you might be confused by a screen directing you as to how to get your account verified. This can be a common mistake to believe this is the application for a YouTube verified distinction, but they are quite different.

When signing up, YouTube asks users for a phone number as a way to verify that you are a real person and not some sort of spam bot. If you can provide a phone number and get everything synced, then your account is verified and you can begin to upload videos and content.

However, this is just a basic account verification, and not the same process as applying to have your YouTube account verified and receive the badge and check mark.

How can I become verified faster? 

Sadly, there is no simple way to skip through the usual verification process. Once your YouTube channel officially surpasses the 100,000 subscriber threshold, if you go to this page you’ll see a box available to you.

If your channel is below the 100,000 subscriber limit, you’ll simply be informed that your channel is not yet eligible. (Note: be sure to make sure that you’re signed in to your preferred YouTube channel account!)

Frequently asked questions

Is it hard to get verified on YouTube?

It is not hard to get verified on YouTube as long as you have over 100,000 subscribers to your channel.

How do you get verified on YouTube in 2022?

Once you’ve reached the 100,000 subscriber threshold, you can apply by following these instructions.

What happens when you hit 100k subscribers on YouTube?

Once you hit 100k subscribers you will get a message from YouTube on your dashboard which will direct you to a form that you will need to fill out with official contact details. You can also check your eligibility on this page.

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