Here at Vimeo, we are bringing the power of video to all the ways we work. Over the last few years, we’ve delivered new tools and innovative capabilities to meet the ever-evolving demands of teams and organizations of all sizes, from content creators and video pros to the largest companies in the world. 

Starting today, we’re introducing new subscription plans that better match our products and services to the needs of our growing community of customers. We’ve designed these plans to support how you are increasingly using video at work: with access to a broader range of features, the ability to collaborate with more people in your video workflow, and the flexibility to better select your plan based on the volume of videos you create and the features you care most about.

Here’s what’s new

Vimeo is offering four new subscription plans; Free, Starter, Standard, and Advanced, as well as a custom Enterprise plan. Our new plans are designed to do three things well:

  1. Move from storage caps to numbers of videos. Choosing plans based on mega-, giga-, or terabytes makes it harder to gauge your video needs, especially when there is a wide range of video formats, lengths, and resolutions. Our plans now provide a specific number of videos with each subscription tier so you can focus on your content, not if you have enough space.
  1. Treat video as a team sport. Teams of all sizes are bringing video into their workflows, and want to share and collaborate better with their colleagues. All our paid plans now provide the option to add additional paid seats to a single account or add view-only team members for free, making collaboration accessible and easier for more people.
  1. Provide you with more value, regardless of your budget and video expertise, by adding a broad set of tools for each plan. Many of the capabilities previously included in higher-tier plans or as add-on services are now baked into each subscription level.

Let’s look at the plans

A breakdown of Vimeo plans
  • Free: As a registered user, you will continue to be able to make, manage, and share video on Vimeo for free and always ad-free. We’ve also improved our free experience by adding essential video analytics on a single dashboard so customers can review source, device, and region reports on viewership.
  • Starter: Our Starter plan provides a well-rounded toolkit to help you and your team get more out of your videos, including adding chapters, making them easier to navigate and boosting SEO optimization, collaborative review features including comments, time-coded notes, and tagging, and more.

  • Standard: Our Standard plan turbo-charges your ability to make and share professional-quality video, with sophisticated player customization and marketing features including the ability to add branding and watermarks to videos, and include calls-to-action and lead capture directly in the video player.

  • Advanced: Our Advanced plan expands the type of video you can create for work, making it more affordable to live stream and host virtual events and webinars with an extensive suite of features to make the live experience great, including attendee registration, live Q&A, and audience polls.

  • Enterprise: Our Enterprise plans are custom-built for all your needs, including additional options like a video library to manage and share videos organization-wide, advanced interactive video tools, additional security with SSO and identity management, a dedicated support team, and a variety of other features.

How will these plans be rolled out?

Starting today, any new Vimeo user can sign up for these new subscription plans. If you’re already a paying subscriber to any of our Plus, Pro, Business, or Premium plans, you can continue on your current plan or you can switch to one of the new plans if it makes sense for you. We currently have no plans to require existing paying subscribers to move to one of our new plans unless they want to.

And, we know that it’s the creators and video pros at the heart of the Vimeo community who tend to be our power users. Certified Vimeo Experts and anyone who has one of their videos named a Vimeo Staff Pick will receive triple the number of videos their subscription level provides. In the coming weeks, we’ll also be adding the ability to increase the number of videos on all of the new paid accounts, because we want to make sure that our subscribers have the flexibility to use Vimeo however works best for them.

Our goal is to make using video far easier and more accessible for any business or team, and we are excited for these new subscription plans to give you more value and flexibility in how you can use Vimeo.  We will continue to work hard behind the scenes to introduce more features and capabilities to help you unlock the power of video in your work.

For more information on each of our plans, please visit our pricing page for details and a list of FAQs.

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