Folders have been around for a while. In real life, they’ve kept documents organized and secure since the 1800s. In the beeps and boops of our computer world, folders have been the way to organize since, well, forever, which is why Vimeo supports folders and subfolders to make it easy for you to manage and organize your Vimeo videos. And who doesn’t love that?

What are Vimeo folders?

Folders are for organizing your videos behind the scenes, but they don’t affect how your audience sees your videos. For that public-facing stuff, you can stick with channels, showcases, OTT sites, and anywhere else you store your videos. 

Folders are a great place for you to share videos with your team, so you can easily collaborate on projects without getting lost in a sea of unorganized videos.

How to create a folder on Vimeo

To create a folder, simply head to your videos page, then hit “+ New Folder” in the top right-hand corner. From there, you can drag and drop videos, or just make your selection and click that Move button. 

If you want to take a step back, you can still see all your videos in the All Videos tab. The whole thing’s pretty straightforward. (One thing to keep in mind, though: if you delete a folder, you will also delete that folder’s videos. So organize carefully!) 

For folks with lots of videos that need to be grouped together – like HR teams, IT professionals, and more – you can also sort your folders into sub-folders, allowing you to nest content to your heart’s content. (Did we mention those subfolders go ten-deep? Impressive.) Happy organizing!

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