Action enthusiasts, assemble! We’re teaming up with our buddies at DJI to give you the Osmo Action cam for free when you sign up for a Premium plan on Vimeo. (Offer ends December 20, 2019) Whether you’re planning on scooping up a free camera — or just looking to document your time shredding the slopes this season — today we’re reviewing the Osmo Action to see what it’s all about. Check out our gear review video above, and then be sure to read on for 5 features that set this little beast apart from its competition.  (Never used an action camera before? No sweat: We have a whole other article about that.)

Why we love the DJI Osmo Action camera

1. It shoots vertical vids Format your videos directly for your social audience. This is a pretty easy one, but just mount the camera vertically and your info will be stored correctly for platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. 2. It’s great for water sports The DJI is waterproof up to 35 feet underwater. Surf, kayak, paddle board — you name it. Just make sure your camera is secured around your wrist so you can keep track of it in a wipeout and/or so you don’t lose it at the bottom of a lake. And remember, don’t take it on your 40-foot-below SCUBA mission. But definitely take it snorkling.  3. It can handle land action, too Mountain biking, skiing, zip-lining. This camera has RockSteady stabilization, so even the clunkiest of activities will be steadied out even before you go into post-production. 4. Whoa, that time-lapse People love a time-lapse — especially for action or sports-related activities. Set your camera up on a ledge or tripod and let it roll while you build ski jumps, scale rock walls, or ride 500 miles on a motorcycle. Then turn it into a film. 5. Aaaand slow-mo Get all the intricacies of your tricks in the shot with 8K slow-mo playback. It’s great to have that playback option in camera, so you don’t have to wait until post-production to convert it. A final word on using your Osmo Action: When shooting from a point of view (POV) lens, remember — less is more. Let the Osmo run for a while (it’s got over an hour straight of battery life) and then choose the big moments when you’re cutting your footage down. Enjoy!

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