Dreams do come true.

Today Vimeo was listed as a public company. This has been a 16-year labor of love: sparked by a few inspired minds, nurtured by patient investors, and kindled by over a thousand passionate humans who have built, pivoted, innovated, and scaled. 

We’ve gone through a lot of change over the years. But what has never changed is our belief in the power of video. We put creators first, and put the power of professional-quality video in the hands of millions. We built an innovative software platform, a wildly creative community, and a strong and resilient business. I don’t think I’ll ever feel more proud of a group of people as I do today.

As we look ahead, there is so much more to do. Spurred by a global pandemic, video has become an essential medium for staying connected, productive, and informed—an essential medium for businesses to thrive. Yet there is so much more to imagine and build.

Video can usher in a better, more evolved way of working. Video can unlock whole new business models and revenue streams. Video can move every business forward, regardless of their budget or expertise. Everywhere we look we see opportunity—from transforming our platform into a teams-first experience, to reimagining the future of virtual events, to enabling anyone to create beautiful video content daily. So we will keep innovating, with urgency. We won’t stop until we bring the power of video to all. 

To our users, supporters, and every single member of the team past and present: thank you. We’re honored to be a part of your story, and grateful to you for being a part of ours. 

On behalf of our 850 team members today, working from home setups and laptops around the globe, it is our privilege to take Vimeo into the future.

Our labor of love continues.