An interactive video quiz is inarguably the most effective tool in a video marketer’s arsenal for engaging viewers.

After all, it gets viewers to interact with the video content— improving their memory of the experience and multiplying your value.

Unsure how to use video quizzes to train your employees and sell better? We’ve got your back with this guide. We’ll walk you through what a quiz video is, ways you can use it, and how to create one with Vimeo.   

What is a video quiz?

A video quiz is a type of interactive video that asks questions (think: true or false, reflection points, and multiple-choice questions) within a video to encourage viewers to engage with it.

Viewers can easily choose between answers to your questions — even skip questions they don’t want to answer. Based on the type of interactive quiz you create, the video can:

  • Continue with the content after a viewer answers your question or
  • Branch out to a different section based on the option the viewer chooses

Either way, creating a video quiz (psst! It’s easy to create an interactive video quiz — we’ll show you how in a bit) delivers a ton of benefits including:

  • Better viewer engagement. Instead of only interacting with your videos to press pause and exit, video quizzes give viewers more ways to engage with your content by sharing answers to your strategically placed questions. 
  • Gathering viewer feedback. On top of using video quizzes to better educate your audience, use them to source their feedback. Simply add a ‘yes or no’ or ‘multiple-choice format’ poll at the end of the video to ask viewers how useful the content was.
  • Improving audience segmentation. Based on the answers viewers choose in your video quizzes, segment them into different groups sharing characteristics. Use the data you gather to better target your audience with personalized marketing content. 

4 ways you can use interactive video quizzes

Now for the different ways you can use quiz videos to grow your audience, market better, and educate internal teams: 

1. Offer relevant, more targeted content

Use video quizzes to help viewers understand what educational content is useful for them and which products are best for them.

This hortology quiz, for example, asks viewers questions to help them understand how to take care of their plants — providing them with relevant, ultra-useful content.

2. Get customer feedback

From asking viewers for their thoughts on your new product collection to inquiring how satisfied they are with your service or educational content, video quizzes are great for gathering feedback.

The best part? You can collate feedback on product ideas too. Simply create and share bite-sized videos on the new idea (based on customer requests — say requests for a new feature in your SaaS tool or a new pricing structure) and ask viewers how they like it.

3. Test your audience’s knowledge

This is an effective video quiz use case for course creators and marketers sharing educational content. Companies can also use video quizzes to test their employees’ knowledge when they send out annual training (think DEI, IT, or cyber security training that most companies are required to train employees on).

This interactive quiz video example from the Radisson Hotel Group shows how they use quizzes to train hotel staff on providing superior customer service.

4. Simplify education

Sharing complex information is never easy. However, breaking it down to create an immersive experience using a video is a great way to make things easy to learn.

What’s more, by adding a reward system to the quiz, you can engage and retain your audience better. For example, this EMS interactive training video gives the quiz-taker points based on their answers:

How to create an interactive video quiz with Vimeo

With Vimeo Interactive, you can create Multiple Choice, True/False, and this-or-that scenarios for your video quiz. Any hotspot or clickable element in an overlay (shapes, images, and buttons) can be designated as a Quiz answer. 

To get started, you’ll need:

  • A Vimeo account with the Vimeo Interactive add-on enabled
  • An existing video or newly uploaded video ready to be made interactive
  • A list of questions, and potential answers that you wish to quiz your viewer on

How to make a video quiz in 7 steps

  1. Add a hotspot or overlay to your video. You can create Quiz questions in your video by having a series of hotspots appear at a certain time in the video, or by having an overlay appear at a certain time in the video. Here’s an example:
  1. To add, remove, and manage your questions, open the “Question manager” by adding any hotspot or overlay element.  Once you’ve created a question in the Question Manager, you can set additional hotspots or overlay elements as answers to your questions.  
  1. Within the Question manager, you can create, edit, or delete questions to link back to your hotspot or overlay element. You’ll find a drop-down to select your question to the answer you are creating.
  1. Fill in details for the answer, the score, and if the answer is correct. Once you have filled in all the details, click the Add button to save the data to the hotspot.
  1. Repeat these steps for other hotspots or overlay elements connected to the same question. Be sure to mark at least one as the correct answer to properly track quiz performance. 
  2. At the end of your video, use the Results element in the Overlay Editor to display results back to your viewers in real time.
  1. Save and preview your interactive video quiz! 

Pop (video) quiz

Just kidding! 

But seriously, video quizzes help engage and educate your audience better — be it internal employees or target buyers. Leverage quiz data for a better understanding of what people want, distill complex info into a fresh, immersive format, and delight potential buyers in unexpected ways. 

Learn more about Vimeo’s interactive video experience.