Get ready, marketers. We’re changing the way you work. 

What if you could create and add video to your Facebook ads, Instagram posts, and media library directly within Meta Business Suite? No more managing workflows across multiple tools. Plus, say goodbye to downloading video assets from other apps and re-uploading over and over.

We’ve combined the firepower of Meta with what we do best — ya know, video —  to build a first-of-its-kind conduit for businesses and creators to access tools they need to generate content across Facebook and Instagram. With Meta Business Suite x Vimeo, you can create, customize, and schedule content within a single platform. The result? An intuitive, ready-in-minutes workflow designed for easy content creation and distribution. 

Go ahead and close the tab on your post scheduler and content calendar. (We dare you.) 

Here’s how you can use the Vimeo x Meta experience to create relevant content in just a few minutes with easy templates, or plan out your social media calendar weeks in advance.  

How to create a post using Meta x Vimeo (in 4 steps!)

Looking to create a post for Facebook or Instagram, but need some inspiration? Here’s how to use Vimeo within Meta Business Suite for your next big social push. 

  1. When creating a post to publish to your page, you’ll see an option to add media. 
  2. Select “Use template” to browse Vimeo templates across dozens of categories like Facebook Ads, Reels, Marketing videos, and more.
  1. Start building your video by adding your logo and brand info, animated stickers, music, filters, and more. Click “Save & preview,” and voila! You now have a scroll-stopping post made in mere minutes.
  2. Add your call-to-action, caption, and publish directly to Facebook or Instagram! 

How to plan your social media calendar using Meta x Vimeo 

You don’t need an actual production team to make a calendar’s worth of social videos for your biz. With Vimeo x Meta, you have a virtual production team at your service.  

Here’s how to get strategic with planning video posts for holidays, big moments, and timely occasions you might not know about.  

  1. Within the Meta Business Suite Planner, you’ll immediately see a calendar view, complete with upcoming holidays and events.
  2. On the right side, choose an upcoming Moment that will resonate with your audience, then click “See templates.” 
  3. Browse dozens of customizable Vimeo templates pre-designed for your exact use case — whether that’s a holiday promo video or a marketing video ad. 
  4. Select a template, then customize away! Upload additional media, add text to your video, pop on filters and stickers, add background music, and more.
  5. When you’re all done editing, hit “Save and preview” to save your changes. 
  6. Add your call-to-action, caption, and pre-schedule the post within the Planner.

Are you ready to harness the power of video for your small business, and make stellar social content for Facebook and IG in the process? 

Get started with Meta Business Suite x Vimeo today.