We don’t like to brag, but here at Vimeo, we’ve got a lot of features we’re pretty proud of. Our powerful review tools, our intuitive video creation tool, and the ability to go live in an instant are just a few of the features available to our members that we think deserve a gold star — or at least, a small round of applause.

But in conversations with tons of our favorite people (you know, Vimeo customers like you), we found that not everyone knows how to use them — or even how to find them — within the Vimeo interface. So we set out to fix that, by designing a new experience that would be simple, streamlined, and oh-so-straightforward. Here’s what’s changing for the better.

Single-entry content creation

To start, we designed a single entry point for all of the content creation that you can do right here on Vimeo. Whether you want to upload a new video, create a new piece of content, go live, or record your computer screen with a click, you can easily toggle between your options without leaving your upload page.

Just a note: The new upload page and settings experience is in effect for logged in users only. To try out the new experience, log in or sign up for a free Vimeo account now!

Video settings, made (even) simpler

We’re keeping your video front and center, no matter where you are in the process. You can now access your privacy settings, player customization options, team tools, and analytics all from the same video page. To access other video settings — like all your player interaction tools — select “Advanced settings.”

New and improved privacy settings

  • Private: Only people with the video link can access your video.
  • Password: Only people with a set password can access your video.
  • Hide from Vimeo: Your video is now private on your account, but embeddable anywhere on the web.
  • Only me: Only you and the people on your account can access your video.
  • Public: Anyone on the internet can watch your video

Plus members and above can also select exactly where their video is allowed to be embedded throughout the web. To update your privacy settings, click on the “Privacy” icon on the right-hand side of your video page.* Learn more about privacy settings here.

Real-time player settings customization

Customizing your video’s player should be fun and easy! We wanted to give access to these customization on the new video page itself, allowing you to dynamically see your updates in real-time.

  1. Click the “Player” icon on the right-hand rail to pop into your player settings.
  2. Select your player’s hue from a color picker at the top of the screen, or drop in a hex code. Then, easily set a thumbnail by uploading an image or scrubbing through your video to find that just-right moment.
  3. Click into your playbar to decide what your viewers will see at the bottom of your video. This is where you can toggle on and off things like volume controls and the Vimeo logo itself. (Pro and above members can even swap in their own custom logo for ours, making it easy for you to share a slick, branded experience straight from our platform.)
  4. Click the top left of your video to select whether or not you’d like to display your profile picture, byline, or video title. Head over to the top right to access the toggles for “Like,” “Watch later,” “Share,” and “Embed.”
  5. Once you’ve customized the player to your heart’s content, hit “Save.” Voila!

We know that your brand’s look and feel is crucial to your online presence. Now, any customizations Pro and above members make to their video’s embed settings will be applied to both video embeds and private links. That means members who set up their team’s settings (team logo, color settings, etc.) can create a customized, branded experience for their videos, no matter how they’re shared or viewed.

Real-time presence

But the private link optimizations don’t stop there. You can now view any active viewers on your video page in real-time. That means you can see exactly who’s watched your latest video, and when they’re actively viewing your page. Once viewers have left the video page, their presence will be replaced with a timestamp, displaying when they last viewed your content.

After sharing your video, you’ll get an email notification as visitors review your video page, so you know right away when your people have engaged.

Dark mode

For all you night owl editors, we’re proud to support dark mode on upload, edit, and private recipient pages. Simply toggle on the dark mode setting in the lower right corner of the page to switch to a dark background. Now those 2AM just-one-more-tweak editing sessions can hurt a little less. (PS – your dark mode setting will not impact the view setting for other team members or recipients.)

What’s next

Vimeo is committed to serving all video creators as the one-stop-shop for everything from editing to distribution. This single-page experience is designed to make it easier for you to craft your next video from top to bottom, then share it far and wide, with just a few clicks.  

We’re continuing to modernize and optimize our customers’ experience across our suite of tools. We will continue to ask for (and heed!) your feedback. We can’t wait to share our next set of updates with you. Until then, get uploading!

Get to know the new Vimeo experience

*Previous privacy settings like “People I follow” and “People I choose” have been phased out to simplify the user experience.