During times of crisis, video can serve as a powerful tool — allowing people to share experiences and truth in a way that no other medium can. Vimeo has a unique opportunity to use our platform as a force for good, to amplify the voices of Ukrainians who are experiencing firsthand the devastating impact of war, and to educate those who are denied accurate reports of the current crisis. 

With the help of Ukrainian filmmakers, we have assembled a collection of videos — real-life accounts — from those on the ground. 

We are proud to stand with Ukraine, and proud to highlight the extraordinary spirit of the Ukrainian people. We hope you join us in watching and sharing their stories.

To read more about Vimeo’s response to the war in Ukraine, please read our recent blog post here.

Ukraine Now

Kyiv-based agency Banda created Ukraine Now, a short but powerful call-to-action that underlines the scale and urgency of the Ukrainian plight. The film has been viewed nearly 2 million times on Instagram. 

“I can’t believe this is happening”: The refugees trying to escape Ukraine 

The Guardian spent the day at Lviv railway station, from where many Ukrainians are trying to reach Poland. The heartbreaking stories of the refugees are matched by the kindness of the volunteers helping them.  

Stop Putin

Staff Picked filmmaker Vadym Sapatrylo’s Stop Putin tries to correct the lies Russia is telling its people about the war. His unflinching film highlights the grim impact on Ukraine and their anguish at Russia’s invasion.  

Stop War in Ukraine

Many people may not be aware of Ukraine’s vibrant film industry. Lots of shoots take place in the country, from brands like Apple and Hyundai to artists like Miley Cyrus and Coldplay. This film calls on the creative industry to help the country which it has so often made work in.

War in Ukraine – Refugees

Sergii Chebotarenko’s pared-back film brings us face-to-face with some of the refugees who’ve fled the war in Ukraine. Its stark simplicity highlights their suffering while capturing their resilience and love of their homeland.

Two Weeks in Ukraine

Two Ukrainian women reflect on the week before and the week after the war broke out. Their stories capture the speed at which the world changed and the very human consequences of the invasion.

Stop War in Ukraine

This abstract animation uses the chilling sounds of the air raid sirens which artist Alina Qealine explains, “causes a very strong trigger in every Ukrainian… It is worse than a nightmare.”

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