You pour blood sweat and tears into every part of the video production process, from nurturing the initial idea to filming and editing the final product. While this is a lot of hard work, it’s not enough to just create a good video. You have to get it in front of the right audience at the right time, and you can’t do that without proper access to your videos.

What is Video Asset Management?

Video digital asset management is software that organizes video assets so that stakeholders can find what they need when they need it. The best video asset management system makes video assets available to anyone who needs them while also enhancing video marketing campaigns, improving the customer experience, and optimizing content production and distribution.

What defines a video asset?

By 2022, the number of videos crossing the internet per second will be close to 1 million. That’s a lot of video content. Video is quickly becoming the most demanding type of content. 

A video asset is video content that brings value to an organization. Video assets can come in formats like MP4, MOV, and AVI. MP4 is the most popular format when it comes to sharing videos online.  MOV files are higher quality and necessary for showing on large screens. AVI files are multi-media, meaning they contain both audio and video.

Why is Video Asset Management software important?

Because video requires high bandwidth and storage capacity, video asset management systems are a must. Digital asset management video software organizes the whole video production process, from ingestion into editing software to raw file storage and even distribution. 

VAM uses tags or metadata to name files so that you can easily access what you need whenever you need it. This makes customizing content for use across departments like marketing and sales a piece of cake. The naming conventions ensure you and your team are always using the right version of your video assets, which saves a lot of time. This is especially true for companies using VAM software that any employee can access, as team members from various departments won’t have to request files– they can just go into the VAM software and find exactly what they need.

When creative teams aren’t weighed down by content chaos, they can let their creativity and productivity flow, creating more unique, powerful marketing campaigns that positively impact the bottom line.

Who needs Video Asset Management?

VAM is a necessity for creators and marketers alike. Anyone who deals with video assets will benefit from video asset management software, as it optimizes the process of managing, locating, and distributing digital assets. 

For marketing and sales teams, VAM allows internal and external stakeholders to access video content in different formats from wherever, whenever they need it. This centralized storage of video assets can standardize a brands identity by ensuring creatives across parties are using brand-friendly content. 

Creators can use VAM to collaborate on the production process. Creators can give permissions for specific video assets to individuals working on the production team. VAM software securely stores raw, final, and even archived video assets. This high level organization can even help teams identify video content that can be repurposed for future projects. 

Executives can use VAM for video training, remote onboarding, and even to analyze the performance of video content. 

How to choose the best VAM system for your organization

Because video files tend to lean on the larger side, the amount of storage you need will greatly impact your search for the video asset management system that best fits your organization. 

Here are some additional features you should consider in your search for a video asset management system:

  • The ability to integrate with your existing hardware and software
  • Intelligent file organization
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Ability change file formats
  • Cloud based digital asset management
  • Customization
  • Scalability
  • Security protocols and content encryption 

Other types of asset management

Video Asset Management isn’t the only type of asset management software that exists to help companies sort and organize their digital content. Depending on your needs (and what types of assets you need to manage), you can choose an asset management system that works for you! Below are a few of the different types:

Final thoughts

With VAM software, you can spend less time searching for your video clips and more time creating video masterpieces.

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