“Can you see my screen?”

“We’re just waiting for a few more people.”

“Oh, you’re muted!”

While many of us continue to navigate remote and hybrid work, we’ve spent the last year getting pretty familiar with these daily Zoom-isms. Video chats have become a fact of life for professional workers around the globe – but hours of back-to-back video chats can be draining. When your calendar is feeling the meeting crush (or you just need to remind yourself what fresh air feels like), teams need an easy way to keep everyone in the loop. That’s why we’ve built an app for the Zoom marketplace allowing you to automatically upload your Zoom recordings to your Vimeo account.

The days of manually downloading Zooms, then uploading them to your Vimeo account are over. Plus, once your recordings are uploaded, you can set specific permissions to share with certain groups, disseminate via unlisted links, or pass around to your whole team. Here’s how it works.

1. Enable recording permissions

First things first, you’re gonna need a Vimeo account – we can help with that right this way. Once that’s squared away, you’ll need to set up recording permissions on your Zoom account. (If you don’t have Recording permissions enabled, contact the owner of your Zoom account to make it happen.)

NOTE: This app is currently only available to members of Zoom’s Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise plans.

2. Download the app 

Next, you’re gonna need to download the app, which you can do right here. Follow the setup flow until you get that sweet installation confirmation.

3. Start recording 

Once you’ve successfully installed the app, confirm you have Cloud recording enabled in your Zoom account, then select “Record to the cloud” on your next Zoom meeting.

4. Trim, chapter, and share with your team

After your video finishes transcoding (fancy!), it will appear in the Zoom Recordings folder in your video manager on Vimeo. From there, you can trim your video to highlight important moments, sort your content into folders (and subfolders!) for easy team access, tag relevant team members at key moments, and even add chapters to make lengthy recordings much easier to sift through.

For Vimeo members with team capabilities, you can easily keep the whole crew up to date with shared folders. Any time a new Zoom recording is added to the shared folder of your choice, members will be automatically notified, so they know when there’s new content to view. (Plus, you can see who’s viewing your recording in real-time!)

Download the Zoom app now