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Tell your business’s story and humanize your brand by using Vimeo Create’s customizable video templates to craft a compelling company intro video.

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Create a thank you video.

Show your appreciation to customers and employees by making a thank you video with Vimeo’s professionally designed templates.

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Create a corporate training video.

Make engaging corporate training videos that educate and empower your customers and employees with Vimeo’s easy to use templates.

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How to make an engaging corporate video.

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  1. Start with a ready-to-customize corporate video template.
    Choose from Vimeo Create’s template library to create long or short business videos that showcase your brand story. Our templates meet the specs you need to embed on your website or share on social platforms like Facebook or YouTube.
  2. Choose from our unlimited stock library.
    Show your audience what your business is all about by customizing our professionally designed templates. Add your own or choose from video clips and images in our stock library. 
  3. Edit your company video with our business video maker.
    Select fonts, colors, layouts, and other elements to make a corporate video that complements your brand.
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    Save your custom business videos to share on your platforms of choice directly from Vimeo Create. It’s really that easy.

Make an original company video that people want to watch.

Corporate videos aren’t known for being compelling and engaging — but they should be, shouldn’t they? Here are a few best practices for creating a simple corporate video that gets your message across and makes people want to learn more about your company.

how to make a company video

Shoot for shorter.

For most videos, people want shorter. Short videos are more easily digested and give people the information they need to know in a few minutes. Focus on visuals and messaging that gets your point across in the shortest time possible.

Write a script.

Plan your content before making a company video. Write out a script of the messaging you want to convey and run through it with everyone who will be in your video before production. Make sure to include the most pertinent information and check for flow and clarity.

Make it look professional.

Professionalism is key to a successful corporate video. Use Vimeo’s business video maker and choose from our library of professionally designed templates to create custom business videos that look like they came from a professional corporate video production company. Be mindful about choosing the right music, wardrobe, and messaging when shooting and editing your video.

Corporate video frequently asked questions.

  • What makes a good corporate video?
    • A corporate video should explain something you want clients or customers to know about your company. Business videos can incorporate brand messaging, behind-the-scenes clips, and opportunities for emotional connections. Professionalism, brevity, quality, and information are necessary components of a good company video.
  • Why is corporate video important?
    • Video is one of the most engaging types of content, with the power to go viral and get your business noticed. More importantly, making a company video is a crucial step in building connections with your audience. Through your corporate video, your clients and customers learn more about your mission, products, and services, and how each relates to them.
  • How do I make a corporate video look professional?
    • Making a corporate video look professional doesn’t require high-end shooting and editing equipment. Instead, focus on lighting, clean backgrounds, professional wardrobes, and angles to help boost the aesthetic of your videos. Vimeo’s corporate video maker includes a stocked library of free templates to help you make business videos online for free that look like a professional corporate video production.

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