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How to make captivating Instagram Stories.

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  1. Choose an eye-catching template.
    Vimeo’s Instagram Story maker includes professionally-designed templates ready to grab attention on Instagram. 
  2. Add images from Vimeo’s stock library.
    Find an image in the Vimeo Create unlimited stock library to round out your story or upload your favorite images and video clips. 
  3. Customize your Instagram Story.
    Use Vimeo’s free Instagram Story creator to edit your images and videos. Add text, filters, colors, and other elements to make your Story pop. 
  4. Upload your Story to Instagram.
    Save your finished Instagram Story and share it directly through Vimeo Create or download it to your computer.

Expert tips for creating brand-boosting Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories infuse personality and depth to your brand. Use these pro tips to make an Instagram Story that keeps people clicking through for more.

Image of the Vimeo Create UI with an Instagram stories template of organic beauty products.

Tell a compelling story with images and video.

Instagram Stories were designed to, well…tell a story. Create a storyboard or sketch out your ideas to help you piece together your Instagram Story. Instead of adding one photo with a call-to-action (CTA), add a series of photos or videos that leads people to a final CTA. Create stunning video Stories that captivate your audience from start to finish with Vimeo Create’s free Instagram Story maker.

Engage your audience.

One of the best things about Instagram Stories is that they allow you to engage your audience in several ways. Add a video of yourself speaking directly to your viewers, pop in some text with a question you want to ask them, or add stickers to make a poll. Play around with Vimeo Create’s free Instagram Story video editor and make your post stand out with interactive elements.

Weave your branding throughout.

Bring your branding front and center with your colors, fonts, and messaging. Your Instagram Stories should carry the same aesthetic and personality as your feed. Vimeo Create’s free Instagram Story creator makes it easy to bring your branding with you into your Instagram Story. Try customizable templates and editing tools to add filters, color, and text.

Instagram Stories frequently asked questions.

  • What is the best resolution for Instagram Stories?
    • Instagram Stories have an aspect ratio of 9:16 and a resolution of 1080px wide by 1920px tall. Edit creative that doesn’t meet this sizing before adding into Vimeo Create’s free Instagram Story maker to avoid unsightly cropping or zooming. Then, create an eye-catching Story with the help of a professionally-designed template that already meets the correct video lengths and specs.
  • How do you format text in an Instagram Story?
    • Instagram has several options for editing text in your Story within the app. Choose your font, add some text, and play around with colors and size until you get your desired look. Or, add text and customize it in minutes with Vimeo Create’s Instagram Story video editor.
  • What are some engaging Instagram Story ideas?
    • Instagram Stories leave tons of room for creativity. Use Vimeo Create’s free Instagram Story creator to make a product tutorial, answer your followers’ questions, make a teaser for an upcoming product drop, or use poll stickers to ask for opinions and boost engagement. Shoppable Instagram Stories show off your products and let your audience shop directly from Stories.

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