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Pro tips for creating winning explainer videos.

Explainer videos are popular marketing tools in the social media era, but you don’t need a professional video production studio to make an effective one. These pro tips and expert best practices will help you create an impressive explainer video that looks like it cost thousands of dollars to produce.

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Keep it around 30 to 90 seconds in length.

Explainer videos should cover the essentials in a relatively short amount of time. Aim for 30 to 90 seconds in length. You’ll retain more viewers through the end of your video if you keep it under 90 seconds. Plus, videos between 30 and 90 seconds long tend to get more engagement on social media compared to longer videos. 

If you’re creating an explainer video for a complex product,you can stretch it out to two minutes, but front-load your video with the most important information. Vimeo Create’s free explainer video making software makes it easy to edit and trim your video for the perfect length.   

Use a script to keep it well-paced. 

You only have 30 to 90 seconds to cover all the essential points, so a script is a must for any explainer video. For an explanatory video with narration, that usually means a few hundred words for your written script. You’ll also want to storyboard your explainer and conduct a few practice run-throughs to ensure you’re hitting the right pace – fast enough to keep things moving without boring viewers, but not so fast that they can’t keep up. 

Make explainer animations that show more and tell less. 

Stay focused on your target audience and their key pain points. Don’t simply rattle off a list of your product’s features. Use Vimeo Create’s free explainer video software for Mac and Windows to create a DIY animated explainer video that shows viewers how your product can make their lives easier by demonstrating use cases and showing your audience how to use your product’s most useful features. The best animated explainer videos make it clear how your product or service can solve your target consumers’ most frustrating problems, save (or earn) them money, or make their days less stressful and more enjoyable.

Explainer videos frequently asked questions.

  • What is an explainer video?
    • Explainer videos are used in marketing to explain your company’s product or service in just a minute or two. Audiences love them, with most consumers preferring to learn about new products or services in video format rather than in written articles. They’re often used on landing pages or product pages to boost conversions, in organic social media posts or paid ads, for crowdfunding campaigns, and at conferences and events. They come in a variety of forms, such as whiteboard videos, animated explainer videos, and live action explanation videos.
  • Are explainer videos effective?
    • Explainer videos cater to consumers’ short attention spans today, providing a quick and easy way to consume valuable information in an easily digestible format without reading blocks of lengthy text. In fact, some marketers report an increase in conversions from 10 to 20%, or even as much as 144%, after adding an explainer video to their website. Plus, explainer videos use both text and audio to convey information, which boosts retention – making your messaging stick in viewers’ minds.
  • How can I make explainer videos for free?
    • Make powerful explainer videos in minutes, even if you don’t have a professional studio budget or video production experience, with Vimeo Create. Our concept video maker includes a library of professionally designed explanation video templates and tons of easy-to-use editing tools so you can create a sleek, engaging video that gets your message across.

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